Saturday, November 1, 2008

Part II Daddy's helpers. i think they're mostly just helping eating that popcorn sitting there... This pic is from last weekend when he got the lights & ceiling insulation done.
and, now Part III... this weekend, the walls are going up!! He's hoping to finish the walls & floor today. He got that slot board for free, so it's cutting cost & looks pretty nice too :)

Maybe i'll take more pictures later when more walls are done. He wants to use finished OSB "tiles" for the floor. i think he's cute to want to use all 'forestry' products to finish his office.


~Anona~ said...

How great he can work from home! It is so nice to have hubby's around just to peek at and spend lunch times with. Great news!

Jen said...

Isn't having handy husbands so great?!

paige said...

honestly, i had no idea he could do this ~ he's always telling me how 'un-handy' he is??!! He's having so much fun tho & it looks so good... i can't wait till he's finished. Whenever he takes something on, it always turns out so great. i'm glad he's doing this one!


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