Friday, November 28, 2008


A came out of her coma this morning at 5:30am. Cai just about collapsed in tears when we got the email. Within 10 minutes, Cai's tummy grumbled & she said, 'i think i can eat now'... i haven't seen her eat more than a crumb in 2 days. Still praying for a complete recovery.

Thank you God, for hearing the prayers of so many...

When Cai hurts, she kind of 'turtles'... so to speak... & it's hard to get in there. It was good for me to see her able to reach out to A in emails over the past 2 days... & to reach past her own fear and discomfort to reach one whom she loves. It was also good for me to see that i don't have to (can't) take away her hurt on my own. i saw God provide comfort through A's mom (phoning Cai last night), through Cai's siblings & daddy & through a thoughtful email from our pastor. i am so glad that God isn't hindered by the same limitations we are hindered by. i am so glad to be a witness to others being obedient to that Still Small Voice.

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Mindy said...

I just got back online after being away from home. I'm so glad Cai's friend is out of the coma! How horrifying. I hope she has a complete recovery.


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