Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Hookrug Story

K, so here's a little flash from the past... A story from more than 2 years ago, i don't think i ever posted it here ~ must've been during my negligent blogging days :) but i'll post it now, as a little snapshot of life...
From a day in 2006~
SO, When one of our bouts of company were here, and Neil was out of town on a business trip, i sent my littles down for bed. What happened was this: Cairo (almost 10 at the time) had an afghan in her room & had gotten the hook stuck in it, she was reefing on it trying to get it out & it unhooked suddenly & jammed into her eye, hooking into the skin under her eyelid. Her sister thought she was kidding as she was holding this hookrug hook out from her eye. She managed to get down from her ladder (not panicking) and came upstairs crying blood. When i saw her, my heart just stopped. i could not see if the hook was in her eyeball or where it was hooked & i couldn't get it out (it had hooked and latched under her eyelid).
i started praying *loudly* for my daughter's eye.
The husband of the company had to leave the room (queasy) and his wife helped me ease her onto the floor where i managed to flip up her eyelid & unlatch & unhook the hook. If you're picturing this in your head, add sound & me in a high pitch voice... running commentary: "OH GOD, SAVE HER EYE... PLEASE, LET HER KEEP HER EYE. (As i see the hook is in the lid & not her eye), THANK YOU GOD, IT'S NOT IN HER EYE. THANK YOU!! HELP ME GET THE HOOK OUT. PLEASE HELP ME NOT HURT HER!" (If your ears are hurting, my friend's probably were too...) After we got it out, it got pretty swollen, but she was able to go to sleep & i took her to the dr. the next day where he told me he thought it had *bounced off* her eyeball before getting stuck in the lid 'cause her eyeball was really bruised.
After we got the hook out, both my friend & i were just *sweaty* & we had a good laugh at my loud praying during the ordeal & then we were emotionally & physically exhausted, so i took my daughter to bed with me & we snuggled all night.
The next Sunday at church, i was sitting during the singing & i had a 'flashback' of that exact moment where i prayed for her eye & i felt that 'still small voice' say to me,
"i heard you there, Paige"...
*& i really believe He did*... (this still makes me cry, more than 2 years later...)
& then, suddenly, i didn't feel so silly for crying out to my Father ~ who i know loves me.
& i knew then, that He didn't think i was silly for crying out, but He *heard* me & was there with me.
& there's a part of me that believes that He loved being the One i turned to, in a horrible moment of desperation ~ as a reflex, knowing He was there.
So, there's my memory for today ~ & my reminder ~ to keep turning to Jesus.
The One who sees our pain, hears our cries and has compassion on us.


Mindy said...

Thank you for sharing that story. He always hears us when we call...

Treasured Grace said...

You seem to have an uncanny ability this week to speak right to my heart. I love how God uses others so I can hear Him. And right now I hear him loud and clear and I just wanted to say thanks for sharing.

deborah said...

Your post reminds me of the message this morning at the Lantern - the message was about Hannah...and God remembering us. I just love the reassurance that He always hears us and remembers us. His faithfulness gives me such peace.

mamazee said...

love this one, paige! and love the sukkoth post, too (and pics) and i'm excited to come see the office one of these days...

Prvbs31Mama said...

Wow, tears just reading's so true though, eh? He absolutely LOVES it when we call on Him FIRST!! I just see Him getting all excited when we have moments like this cause that is our sole purpose on earth!! To call on HIM and reach out to if only it was so easy to do that when things are going It's sad how we quickly forget sometimes...right now I feel like I'm in such a state of experiencing His Blessings that I can't NOT point to Him...but when life is normal it's sometimes so easy to forget.


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