Thursday, November 13, 2008

Questions & The Intruder

~ Molls in the closet.... Doesn't everyone's 4yo sleep in the closet??!! hehe. We have a little bed set up in there with blankets & a pillow ~ Sometimes it's just too hard trying to get her to settle with Cai in their room, so i move her into our closet.
~ My day ~ was great! Jam packed, but full of important stuff, like G's foot appointment, where everything went swimmingly & they don't need to treat his foot (other than continuing his physio & us buying him some rigid shoes). His x-rays were about the cutest thing i've ever seen, i wish i had brought my camera ~ with those little curvey bones. Even the dr. thought they were cute. Then Cai had BVF's & the other kiddies had AWANA & i was bagged by the time we got home at 8:30. Good thing i had packed ham buns for supper... Long day! Talked to Neil on the phone & he confirmed he does have to travel all next week too... *sigh*.
So, The Intruder....
My mom doesn't even believe this story... but she never believes me anyway ~ it's my fault from all the times i tricked her when i was a teenager. BUT, this is a true story.
Neil is the details man in our relationship. He remembers to pay bills, lock doors & pick up the mail. He was constantly reminding me to lock the doors when he would go away & i was constantly forgetting... remembering in the morning, when i'd see the door unbolted all night... & feeling bad that i had forgotten again...
So, about 2 years ago, Neil went away on a business trip. Molls was only about 2 and a half & that night for some reason, i decided to carry her with me to turn out all the lights (this is important later in the story... stay with me...) The lights in our living room are on a dimmer & when she went to turn them off, they just dimmed, they didn't go off, so i remembered reaching over & clicking them off myself... then heading to bed early. Around 9pm, after the kids were all in bed, i heard the doorbell ring. i was in my jammies & it startled me & scared me a little. i went downstairs & peeked through the peephole & saw a man out there with a clipboard. i glanced down at the bolt & realized i had forgotten to bolt the door AGAIN, so stood there, waited for the man to go away (which he did) & bolted the door. Around 11pm, i was upstairs in bed & i heard a noise like the door closing... It totally freaked me out & i suddenly remembered that i hadn't bolted the backdoor that leads to our fenced backyard. i grabbed the TV remote... (i know... why didn't i grab the phone?? ~ i told you, Neil's the details man... What was i gonna do, throw the remote at someone's head??) & cautiously crept downstairs... When i got to the landing, the livingroom lights were on... My heart was beating about a million beats a minute... & then i noticed that the FRONT door was unbolted. If it wouldn't have been for the man coming at 9, i would have second guessed myself even bolting it in the first place, but i knew that it had been bolted when i went to bed. i bolted both doors & then realized that i needed to go check on the girls in the basement to be sure that there wasn't someone in the house. i crept down there, clutching the tv remote (haha... funny now, not funny then...) & explored every inch of the basement.
i went upstairs & my house was silent... i walked all over & there was nothing more to do, but to go to bed.
Later, Neil's cousin, who is a cop, said that often someone will ring the doorbell before they enter a house, *and* that the backdoor ~ even tho it's fenced back there ~ would be a more common entering place.
i'm more careful these days. i have NO idea why someone would come into the house & take nothing... & then leave out the other door... It doesn't seem to make any sense, but that's the story of...
The Intruder.


Jen said...

oh man! That is a CRAZY story!!! Eeek! Gives me shivers!
Glad Gage's appt went so well. Hope he's feeling better too.
Cute that Mollen sleeps in your closet - makes total sense somehow :)
Hope you had a good sleep after your busy day.

Prvbs31Mama said...

That's freaky!!
Glad no one was hurt!! So weird...maybe the intruder got freaked out by the presence of the Holy Spirit in your house...hehe
Maybe you cured the guy from intruding! lol
I mean God DOES have a fun sense of humor!!!


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