Thursday, December 8, 2011

some 15's... on Fridays

The last couple of Fridays have been odd scrambly affairs... One of them being at my sister's house in Grande Prairie & the other in San Diego. 
In Grande Prairie, i switched my fasting to Saturday morning & stole a few quiet moments to offer my prayers. 
The Friday in San Diego was possibly my favourite Friday thus far in my tiny voyage learning about prayer in this new Friday habit... 
Neil & i woke on Friday & i told him i'd still like to fast from breakfast till supper - i wasn't expecting him to join me since he gets kind of nauseated when he misses a meal, but he shrugged his shoulders kinda like, "How hard can it be?"
i found my time to pray in the sunshine by the pool... It wasn't hot, but i could feel the sun's rays as i turned my face upward and held my hands up - empty - ready to give, or receive whatever He chose for me. 
The day ended up being kind of an active one.  We logged about 5 miles walking around, taking a bus to La Jolla beach and strolling along the sea shore.  We walked up & down the streets, peeking into the stores & enjoying our extended date. 
By the time we got back to the hotel, we were both hungry... but Neil had decided he wanted to go to the "best sushi place in San Diego" that night. 
Our information said that it was two and a half miles to get there & even though we had already walked a lot, we decided to walk there too.  "We can just hail a cab if we get tired..." we thought. 
& so we walked.  We visited as i trotted along beside my long legged husband.  We held hands like we're so rarely given the opportunity to do - with babes, groceries, older children's hands usually in ours...
It got dark quickly & we found ourselves walking through rougher and rougher neighbourhoods, but more worrisome was the look of intense hunger on my husband's face.... On & on we walked, two and a half miles stretching themselves out to the length of a full marathon with our empty bellies and inappropriate footwear slowing us down...
The last block, i honestly thought he was going to leave me behind & break into a full on gallop to get there, but somehow he managed to hold himself back, & i jogged to keep up as we found our little treasure, "Sushi Ota". 
He swung the door fully open & we were stunned in this little hole in the ground, out of the way restaurant located between office buildings and a 7 11, to find the most bustling little sushi restaurant known to man.  Neil stumbled to the front.
"For two please..."
"Do you have a reservation?" She asked brusquely...
Neil's face fell... i honestly thought he might cry.  It was all he could do to choke out, "No... but we've been walking & walking to get here... and we heard it's the best sushi in San Diego..." He paused hopefully (i'd say his lip was quivering, but he's been reading my blog lately, so i'll leave that tidbit out).
"If you can eat in one hour, i give you table." She said without emotion. 
Neil exploded in gratitude, and we found our seats & devoured some pretty stinking good sushi before deciding we felt like walking back to the hotel too.
Maybe he'll never fast with me again... but i felt like this whole trip was a smile from God... an undeserved blessing... a strip of light that miraculously breaks through the clouds - & this 15 on Friday found me so grateful for my family.

ps - prolife groups are calling tomorrow, December 9th, a day of fasting and prayer for PEI.  It is currently the most difficult place to get an abortion on demand in Canada & is under fire for their unusual limitations.  (Abortions are available if a woman gets two referrals - or without paperwork, she can pay out of pocket at a private clinic). 
Tomorrow i will be praying for God's hand of protection on PEI, that these limitations wouldn't be stripped, so that women will be given every opportunity to rethink this life-ending decision.  Will you join me?

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Carol said...

We were in La Jolla last March Break - I loved it. Are the seals still sunning themselves? There were baby ones when we were there!


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