Wednesday, December 21, 2011

15 on Friday

This past Friday, i wanted to run to that church building... my heart was shouting, singing - my whole day spent in overflowing gratitude & prayers...
This 15 on Friday was the easy one.
The whole church yard was covered in thick, wet snow...
So, i stood on the sidewalk, letting the sun beat down on my head as i changed my posture - coming to that walled place that is just a badly constructed building... but changing my posture as a part of the *real* church...
The words bubbled out of me without hesitation... my feet wanted to dance, i wanted to shout... raise my hands and laugh as i stood on that sidewalk to pray.
The first 15 flew, and the second 15 too... but conscious of my little ones at home, & what felt like many, many people passing behind me - i finally decided to leave that little bit of wet sidewalk and head for home. 
i opened my eyes, and saw dozens of muslim men & boys heading to prayer at the Towne Hall, like they do every Friday... This was the crowd that was passing behind me on that sidewalk - brushing my back as i stood edging onto the grass with my face upturned & my palms open to Him. 
& i laughed that i had come - alone & a woman... insignificant & unworthy - to this piece of sidewalk in McKenzie Towne...
& He saw fit to meet with me there.

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