Thursday, December 22, 2011

God Bless the Hands Free Law

If i ride with Neil during work hours, i usually get exposed to a much more colourful vocabulary from his work associates on speaker phone than i'm used to at home. 
i'm pretty used to sitting in silence - listening in while he works & makes deals, gets pushed and pushes back... It's all a part of what he does. 
This January, he's switching jobs - leaving his employer of the past 12 years & starting somewhere new.  It's not a huge deal to me - his work will look the same - with possibly a little *more* travel... & so i haven't said much, despite our long conversations on the subject. 
We were riding home from an eye appointment i had down town.
i slipped in his "mobile office" after i was finished and he continued his phone conversation hands free while he navigated the busy traffic.
"Well, hey," his cohort said, "i hear congratulations are in order."
"Yeah.  i've got something a little new ahead of me.  i hope it's good... i'm looking forward to it."
"i hear you'll have quite a bit of travel..."
"Yep.  Should."
"You must have the best wife in the whole wide world - with all those kids & she lets you travel that much?!"
My eyes bugged out of my head... Neil's slow grin spread across his face...
i beamed as he glanced at me.  He looked caught.  i think he saw every molar i have.
"Yeah.  She's pretty good."  
& isn't it funny... some crazy little acknowledgement from a man i'll never meet just made my day? 
& so the New Year will bring my travelling man even more travelling - & i've got my work cut out for me too... this work doesn't come easy - the constant sacrifice & the texting communication... the late night flights & the cut off phone conversations...
But what we've got? 
Is something special - & i have no doubt it's worth it.


Alisdair said...

It's great to have your worth acknowledged, isn't it?! Like when the old fellow told me in the post office, the other day, that he enjoyed reading my news column. That made me feel good too! Guess we need to uplift one another more often and realize that even a small gesture or kind word (that might seem rather insignificant) can make a huge difference in the life of someone else.

Blessings to Neil in his new job. Is it kind of a promotion??

Saskatchewan Cousin

Joy said...

Congrats to him and best of luck to you both!
Glad your work is also being recognized!


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