Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Are you ready for Christmas?

Wow - if i had a nickel for every time someone asked me that question...
i'd be able to afford Christmas. 
Heehee... i'm just kidding...
But seriously - that question always makes me wiggle a little in my seat... what to say? 
This year, i just smile & unblinkingly have answered, "yep!"
Even though i haven't bought a single present...
i have struggled with this one over the years - we have always done Christmas on a lesser scale than most, but this year it has shrunk to next to nothing. 
i put out our tiny nativity & i'm actually enjoying it - & Cai & i have done & will do more baking for friends & family parties, but i'm learning that i'm good with being different. 
i'm ready for Christmas - i'm ready for the candle light & the story of His birth.  i'm ready for snuggling my little ones & eating cookies & going to my sister's house for a few sleeps.  i'm ready to shout at the top of my lungs as we sing, "JOY TO THE WORLD!!!!!! THE LORD HAS COME!!"
(& pardon me if i grab my neighbour & sobbingly hug them as i sing it... it's just such. good. news.) 
So - i don't have any presents... & i'm pretty sure there will not be many... if any... bought.
But the reason i answer in the affirmative when asked, "Are you ready for Christmas?"
Is because i am.


mamalena said...

me too Paige!

Alisdair said...

I haven't done any shopping but hoping to get out tomorrow to get a few things for each of the kids. Isobel would be so disappointed if Santa didn't come!

Saskatchewan Cousin

Joy said...

For me if there are candles in the window, Advent wreath on the table, creche on the mantle ~ and cards of Christmas blessings have gone out to friends and family ~ then yes I'm ready for Christmas.

paige said...

yes, denise - presents are fun aren't they? :)
& joy - i love your list... i wonder if you know how wise you are to make a little list like that - that shows your priorities & your heart... i might have to steal that idea for future years. i have learned so much from you!


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