Saturday, October 22, 2011

who doesn't like prizes?

i made a facebook page for the 40 days for life blog. 
i was hoping for 100 likes by the end of the 40 days (another 15 days) but then my cousin offered a prize for a random person when we reached 100 likes. 
It took 2 days. 
So, i figured since that worked so well, i'd see if we could find another present for 200 'likes'.  We found one. 
My sweet friend makes the best bibs ever & they're adorably cute.  She's offering 2 & i'm throwing in a copy of my book too. 
If you want a chance to win, all you gotta do is go to our facebook page HERE & click 'like' then watch to see who wins. 
(Having the opportunity to share the page with your friends is just a bonus). 
You don't need to live in Calgary - or even Canada - to enter. 
You can find the page HERE

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