Wednesday, October 12, 2011

lettin' 'er slide...

i've done that a few times... let things slide.   
Sometimes it's the bathrooms, or a bad habit, dirty ragged nails or a teeny bit of bad behaviour... sometimes it's my handwriting, my patience or organization... Sometimes it's big things - but more often it's the little things that i let slide - while i catch my breath, get my bearings - and figure a few things out. 
This past week it was Charter's LA... just that one teeny little (incredibly important) subject.   
Every day - i meant to do his work with him, but instead i half listened to him read while i washed dishes & then let him figure out his assignment to the best of his ability.  & while i know that it's fine to do this for a day or two... i also know that he's only nine... & that he needs his mama to be engaged, involved, interested and motivated about his education. 
Today was a sit down, pull up our socks & figure out where we're at day.  
i loved it. 
He's so smart (probably partly why my conscience let a whole week slip by without any intervention)... and he's so warm and deliciously friendly. 
He's a teeny bit lazy - as evidenced by the pages we had to work over together, getting his stuff back in order - but his good cheer and willingness to try again more than make up for it. 
oh... i love my son. 
& i know that at certain points - things will slide. 
i won't potty train on time, i'll forget someone's lack of toothbrushing skills, we'll have mac and cheese for lunch for a week and the laundry will pile up...
But i'll get back up.  i'll brush myself off.  i'll try again, make amends, do better more often. 
Because after all, there are sweet children to grow, relationships to feed - there is a life to be lived and so much to be learned... there is beauty to be seen, truth to be grasped, hurts to overcome and hurdles to fly over...
& sometimes...
not often... but sometimes...
letting things slide is the best way to do that.


Christina said...

Couldn't agree more!

Lesley said...

I needed that!

Carol said...

Great post, Paige!


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