Thursday, October 13, 2011

three things

Sparkling eyed one (she's 11) must have heard the pleasure in her mama's voice when Sloanie finished reading her bible all the way through for the first time ever last week.  She came to find me and told me, all grinning and sparkly eyed - that *she* had started reading the bible and taking notes on her own too.  She showed me her note book with her tidy notes in it, then added with a smile, "i'm already finished my first book and now i'm ready to start my second book..."
"Really?" i asked, "What book did you start with?"
"Song of Solomon." she grinned wickedly, "i wanted to know what all the fuss is about."
i love her. 

i was driving my girls home from violin and i gave them a pop quiz.  "What is the ONLY thing i accomplished while you girls were at lessons?" (an hour and a half).  The answers came like popcorn...
"snuggling ephraim?"
"oooohhh!  i know i know!"  Sloanie shouted from the backseat, "You started a TWITTER account!" 
um.  no.  but i love her too. 
ps. the answer was LA with Charter & Peyton... :) 

i can't remember.  And it was the funniest thing out of the three too, but that's my life now... i only have 2/3 retention.  That's what you get when you're a mama of 7. 


Carol said...

Congratulations to Sloanie for reading through her whole bible. I did that for the first time last year and am on track to do it this too. I had read MOST of the bible many times but not EVERY verse until I was 54 years old!

Melissa said...

I'm thinking, "wow, you remembered 2/3! That's awesome!!"


Good times.
I'm sure it'll come back to you, and then there's another blog post ready and waiting!

Nikki said...

I'd like to see P's notes on Song of Solomon :)

paige said...

yes carol - i'm so pleased that they've had the desire to do it at such an early age - i think it gets them going in a good habit... :)
Nikki... uh ya... i should probably check those out *wink*.


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