Friday, October 21, 2011

7 quick takes 2nd edition

7 quick takes sm1 Your 7 Quick Takes Toolkit!

1. When i need to 'talk through' a blog entry - or a blog comment... i phone one of my sisters.  Sometimes i even ask them to post a follow up comment - to 'get my back' or to clarify something that i lack the ability to clarify.  How lucky am i to have sisters like this? Very. 

2.  i spent some time this week reading "the other side"... it makes me sad to read stuff written by pro-choice advocates... i know they don't understand... & isn't it human nature to long to be understood?  o God, go before us...

3.  i'm going to get my eyes fixed.  All of a sudden, i can't wear contacts anymore... Neil gave me the go ahead to take the plunge to get lasik.  i'm excited and scared. 

4.  After 6 weeks of weekly chemo and higher doses of prednisone steroid, we were looking forward to my sweet, darling 5 year old niece only needing to go once every three weeks for the rest of the year.  Then, they called my sister last week and told her they need to do the 6 week induction again.  The location is just too sensitive (the pituitary).  This was tough news to swallow, but we continue to pray. 

5.  My husband & i are planning a trip.  Just the 2 of us.  After 15 years of marriage, 7 babies and no time away - we are taking a rare opportunity.  There are a million good reasons for the timing of this get away - & i'm grateful to God - who gives good gifts. 

6.  The OTHER blog takes a lot out of me.  It is tears and agony to post - & i'm so grateful when i open up my inbox & someone has sent me something to put up.  i have no doubt that our prayers - united with the prayers of fellow believers all across the world - are having an impact.  i have been learning so much from those individuals around me.  The fresh perspectives change me, and help clarify my thinking. 

7.  i liked THIS - but i wouldn't read it out loud to my littles... :)


Caitlin said...

That article that you "liked" is unreal...or should I say surprising, to me anyway. I'm new at this. ;) Could you recommend any other blogs or sites?

paige said...

Do you mean other prolife blogs? Or just other ones that i like? There's a tab at the top of blogs that i recommend, but it does not hold *all* my favourites. (i try to be careful about recommending ones where i don't know the person personally).
Conversion Diary (if you click on the 7 quick takes image on the post, it will take you there) - is a fabulous treasure trove of wisdom - i have learned a ton there about issues that aren't discussed in protestant circles quite as much.
My 'blog list' is pretty extensive tho - you'll have to be more specific :) hehe.


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