Monday, October 17, 2011

she has a good eye

i was chatting with an old friend on facebook one night. 
Neil was out of town & we found ourselves with a rare opportunity to catch up.
i asked her about her six children.  They have 3 biological children and then 5 years ago, they adopted a sibling group who came into their lives unexpectedly.  She told me little tidbits about each one, commenting about this one's strengths, that one's quirks... She told me how these 3 unexpected bonuses had had such a tremendous positive impact on their lives - and on their friends and extended family. 
She told me happily about one small boy, "He has a good eye and can pick out every cool rock or stone or anything out of the blue.  We were at a lake once and he just reached in the water and said 'Look, Tammy, here's a cool one!' And it was tiny and it was neat... how he seen it I have no idea.  And then in my parents yard there was a tree and he walked by it for the first time... dad walks by it every day.  N was just walking with dad and out of the blue says, 'Hey Pere Pere, there's a nest in there,' and sure enough hidden in the tight branches there were three little eggs." 
And i couldn't help but smile as i read her mama's heart gushing about this little one. 
She herself... she's no different than that sweet son she treasures...
She has a good eye...
It saw love, potential and life when the opportunity presented itself.  She plucked those tiny lives out of the deep waters, and said with certainty, 'Here's a good one...'  She tucked them into her heart - into her family - into her life... and how she managed to see... and to scoop up such enormous wealth... gems of matchless worth? 
Well... i have no idea.

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