Monday, June 20, 2011

word verification poetry

Minerva's latest poetry challenge was to write a poem using the word verification in the comments section as inspiration.
Honestly? A little fun and addictive, but her challenges can be like that. My sister claims that my writing has improved since i started doing Minerva's challenges, so here are a couple "word verification poems" for you, jess - untitled masterpieces that they are.

flathro on your way to timbucktoo,
flathro to see me too.
flathro my open window to see
if you can flathro to me.

You're sweet,
andgee i love you.
i'm swoonin,
andgee you're mine.
Let's kiss -
andgee, real soon now.
The day is ours,
andgee, it's fine.

Two more days to enter to win on THIS POST.

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