Thursday, June 9, 2011

take me 'way.

We started a tradition in our house.
For your thirteenth birthday, you get a trip.
Our second girl is just on the verge of her thirteenth birthday, but the right opportunity for her to take her trip came just a few weeks early, so tomorrow morning (today, by the time you're reading this...), she drives home with her granny and gramps for her special trip to the Island.
Two travel days - with seven full days squeezed in between them.
They've got plans to go on a little boat cruise, to see Fiddler on the Roof at the Chemainus theatre, for fiddling, knitting, exploring and eating out.
They've got big plans - and little plans - and fun will be had, and i'm so excited for her.
She told Gramps she'll only bring 100 books (she has 100 classics on her DS), and he laughed and said, "Ok, but no more than a hundred!"
She gets to take her first flight to come home to us...
And yes - i'll miss her company sorting the laundry, and cleaning the kitchen. Yes, i'll miss the extra set of hands for changing diapers and finding little one's socks. Yes, i'll miss her wry sense of humour and her quick wit. Yes i'll miss her sweet softie hugs and her peaceful presence. Yes, every single part of our routine will cry out her absence.
i miss her already.


lovefam6 said...

(((Hugs mama)))

Carol said...

What a special and exciting time for her though!

Vanessa said...

Oh, I love this idea for a tradition, and it sounds like she'll have a blast (wish I could go in her suitcase! LOL!) and I love how you described your everyday life with her there-sounds just like how I feel about my Tabitha....

Alisdair said...

She'll be home again before you know it!!! Though I am sure time will fly faster for her than it will for you!

I endured a three week period the summer of 2009 with no kids at all as both had gone overseas to Grandmas! I was so glad to get them back, felt almost as if I'd given birth again only they were half grown!!!


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