Saturday, June 11, 2011

speak up

Letter writing.
i'm not great at it.
But my big sister is - & i try to be obedient when i feel a prompting to speak to those in government & policy making positions about the issues that are important to me. Today, i'll post 2 & i hope it'll inspire others like me - lacking in ability, but making up for it in passion - to speak out too.
The first is a perfectly worded response from my sister to a letter to the editor that had been printed in the paper:
"Daniel sees no point in arguing about abortion. He also sees this as a religious issue. While his position certainly is not based on science or reason, the pro life position is not dependant at all on faith. What do horses have? Baby horses. What do birds have? Baby birds of their same species. And what do humans have? Other humans. This is science, not religion. And killing humans has had prohibitions in every society, regardless of their religion or lack of religion. Unborn human beings are still human and are worthy of protection. No one 's humanity should rest on whether one is "convenient" or "wanted". These are basic rights, the right to life, that all born humans enjoy and that the unborn need to enjoy for the sake of the humanity of the rest of society."

The second is my own response to an email from our MP, Jason Kenney when he said Canada's efforts in proving maternal healthcare in vulnerable regions (likely including abortion, and undoubtedly including birth control) made him proud to be conservative.
"Wow - how disappointing that making sure birth control is available in foreign countries takes precedence over even the *discussion* of abortion that takes the lives of countless Canadian children each year... This doesn't make me proud to be conservative (despite the *good* that is done along with the bad) - this strengthens my resolve to become a single issue voter in the next election. i'm ashamed of our country's stance on abortion & the unwillingness of the current leadership to have it discussed."

In other news, there is another review for my book - found here.
Happy Weekending!!

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