Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thursday Thoughts & Winner Announcement

* Woke up to the news that Cai passed her grade 6 violin exam with honors. Kinda proud. 

* i miss my travellin' man.  i miss him before he leaves & after he comes home 'cause i know he's going again.

* We are into Fiddler on the Roof these days - my favourite is when they imitate the dance that goes with, "If I Were a Rich Man" - funny, funny stuff.  Sunrise, Sunset makes me cry. 

* i'm not quite sure how to organize my days as we transition into summer.  We're still finishing off some stuff & long done other stuff.  Days still seem full - but less organized and that makes it harder to juggle.   i can't even fathom the fall and all the little pieces that need to fit into a master plan.  These years are nothing short of amazing. 

* We are reading the book of Genesis right now & some of the stories are not G rated.  Praying for wisdom while putting off some questions & answering others.  Discussion is morphing and changing as my littles grow & i'm so grateful for this chance to study God's Word with my crew. 

* Ephraim and Neil have their own language.  They rarely speak english.  Neil walks in the backdoor to get another cup of coffee & Ephraim is the first to greet him with their funny little growl.  Is there anything better than watching your man with your babes? 


* The winner of the pdf of Bryan Cohen's book "Writing Prompts for Kids" is Deborah!  Congrats, Deb!  Bryan has your email address & will be sending out your prize within the next few days. 
i got the results for the $50 Amazon gift card & the winner was from a different site.  Bummer.  i was really hoping one of you would take it :)  If any of you choose to purchase his book, you can contact the author with proof of purchase & he'll send you 50 extra writing prompts specific to homeschool - kinda fun :)  His email is bryandavidcohen @ gmail . com  (only take out the spaces - didn't want him to get spammed on my account :) 


farm_girl_4_jesus said...

My dad does a wicked impression of 'if I were a rich man', complete with dancing. You should get him to do it for you sometime :)

paige said...

emma - i need to see that!! i bet he's awesome. Does he ever do Joseph for you guys?


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