Saturday, June 18, 2011

do it again

i don't know when i realized that he was there.
i think it must have been in the wee hours of the Saturday morning when i first felt his crooked foot pushing on the back of my leg. He must've snuck out from his sister's room at some point in the night & found the comforting haven between us two, from whom he came.
Then eventually, the sun came spilling through the window, and i could hear the birdies in the streets, and i opened one eye just a crack to see his sun bleached head on the pillow next to mine.
He stretched one chubby leg out of the blankets and i knew that waking couldn't be far, though his enormous eyes remained closed as he stretched and kicked the blankets off of both Neil and i as he writhed in semi-sleep, trying to get comfortable. He flung his arm across my chest - & i realized how big he's gotten.
(As i type this, he's dancing in his underwear in front of my mirror... o my heart...)
A toddler no longer.
One bluer than blue eye opened just before the other, and he caught me staring at him. He scootched his morning breath over to me and whispered in his husky voice, "mama, is it almost wake time?"
He's stretching out, this three year old wonder; this miracle baby; this bonus boy.
"Yes..." i murmured, stroking his hair.
He wrapped himself around my body with all his limbs, and tightened his grasp around my neck. i tickled his brown arm.
"Do it again..." He urged, holding me tighter...
Oh yes... let's do it again. Let's wake up together, and have the morning sunlight bathe us in the streaky light of early day. Let's croon softly in each other's ears to keep the world asleep as we hold on to the sweetness of this wee stretch of time on a Saturday morning when all is right with the world.


The Nieboer News said...

I love it!! Theo was snuggling with me earlier this week and gave me a really big squeeze and said 'I love you willy bad'

Lesley said...

That last paragraph is beautiful.


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