Friday, June 3, 2011

i'm gonna...

i mean... i might.
i hate putting out goals or dreams that i'm not absolutely certain i can achieve.
i think there's a pride thing there.
When i started running a couple of years ago - i didn't even want to whisper it to friends or family until i had completed my 10k. Then i felt like i had an accomplishment under my belt & it wasn't just an, "i'm gonna," it was an, "i did."
This past week, i read a blog post about a blogger's line in the sand, "No More Excuses". She claims she's not gonna live her life with obesity clawing at her health - & i believe her. She bravely put out her strategy & her "before" pictures - & i swallowed hard 'cause i know i wouldn't have the humility to do that.
And then i read another of my favourite blogs & she posted about her DNF in her most recent marathon. She completed over TWENTY miles & then had to quit (i should point out here, she was running with the stomach flu... not cool).
i wanna be able to post inklings of dreams without feeling like i should burn with shame if i fail.
Ever since i broke my kneecap last year, i have been reticent to blog about running...
There has been so much pain with my knee & i thought for awhile that running just can't happen for me (& let's be honest - maybe i won't ever be able to run very far without pain) - but, i have been running... and i feel a tiny burst of victory every time i run past that place where i fell & broke my knee.
"See, broken knee? We can do this again, can't we?"
These little short snippets of runs - they make my heart pound and leave me breathless - but i want them to be longer and faster... and (swallowing pride) if my knee holds out, i'm gonna ...i might... i want to... run a race again someday.

PS - Another book review for 40 Weeks! Take a look here.
i wanna say *thank you* to everyone who has so graciously read & reviewed my book. A couple of you even put reviews on Amazon too & that is *so very* appreciated. If you do a review, please let me know so i can link to it!

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Honey said...

Hi Paige,

Thank you for linking to my post.

The knee pain is the worst - I have been in daily pain for almost 5 months now. I did have a time about 15 years ago where I dislocated my knee cap (the other knee) and that was really bad too.

My first thought was to keep it all a secret and just lose weight and take pictures and write my journey in my journal. Then post them all at the end. It was way harder just to put it all out there on the line and lay myself bare for the world to see. It is what it is. I will be doing my best, Christ will be doing the rest and I can't wait to see where we end up. Thank you for encouraging me on my journey.



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