Sunday, June 20, 2010

their daddy

It's fathers day -
& he spent it driving home from a visit with my family. He's tired 'cause we didn't get much sleep last night, when he put all (minus 1) of our littles to bed by himself so i could go out for a father's day coffee date with *my* dad, mom & sisters.
i know - he's a good man...
but one of my favourite parts of my good man - is watching him be their daddy.
i love how he teases his girls.
Teaches our littles to be considerate of others.
Wrestles his boys.
Makes me a better mama.
Does hard things...
to make us happy.
i love when ephraim looks at him upside down - & he can't help but smile.
Hey, Neil? Fatherhood just looks so dang good on you...

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