Thursday, June 24, 2010

right choices

i have been doing a little devotional in the evenings with Charter, Mollen & Gage. i know, i know - why those 3?... But, it's what's working in the moment - so it's what we've been doing. i'm all about grabbing an opportunity when it swings by - not rejecting it, hoping that a better opportunity with *all 7* children will come along. These 3 want some special time with me in the evenings? Great - let's take this chance before it's gone.
Anyway - the book we're using is called Right Choices by Kenneth Taylor. It's pretty cute - starts with a poem, goes into a lesson, followed by questions, a prayer & a bible verse. My emerging readers like taking turns reading - (& whoever doesn't get to read gets to read a different bible story when we're done).
Gagey seems pretty clueless at this point, but one of the questions is always, "Is so & so making a right or a wrong choice in this lesson?"
That question is always Gagey's to answer. If someone answers it before him, he has a little tantrum - (ahem... that would be considered a *wrong* choice).
i find it hilarious though that his answers seem to be totally random & yet he never ever gets them right.
"Gagey, is it right or wrong to lie about stealing the cookie?"
"No, Gagey, it's wrong..."
"Gagey, is it right or wrong to take turns?"
"No, Gagey it's right to take turns..."
You'd think he'd get it right 50% of the time - but so far, he's 0 for 19 lessons.
i hope he gets his wrong choices all used up in this little book that he understands so little of. i hope his life is full of right choices - truth, character, kindness, wisdom.
& i hope that the tiny seeds sown in these lessons with these 3 little ones will bear good fruit in the years to come.

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Lori-Dawn said...

hee hee, maybe you need to use the word bad/good choice instead of wrong/right choice? I'm sure he knows the difference! He's a bright cookie! wishing i was a little bug on the wall!


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