Monday, June 28, 2010


This week, i noticed a character flaw - it's one that i was aware i had - but when it peeked out at me, i was mortified by it.
i felt like i was out in public with something smeared all over my face -
or like i came out of the bathroom with toilet paper clinging to my shoe.
or like i had just cacked on a high note...
& you know what?
i'm glad that i'm humiliated by my character flaws. i think it says something good that i'm embarrassed. It means that God is making me aware of my shortcomings & that i'm one step closer to conquering them.
Better than blissfully walking around with schmutz on my face...


Mindy said...

Well said!

Lori-Dawn said...

hee hee...I can't imagine your character flaw...but I totally agree, well said!
I just wish I could get to the point where I see the "good" in me and NOT the flaws...sigh. I hate self-condemnation, yet am working hard at shutting the enemy up. lol
Thanks for your awesome transparent posts. they are like a balm to the soul!


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