Monday, June 7, 2010

more goodbyes

You turn 8 today.
i snuck downstairs last night to say goodbye to my seven year old son & you crept down from your loft bed to snuggle me on the couch. You gave me a goofy grin as you slipped into my arms and said, "Mom, it's so weird how you do this..."
But it's tradition - so you humour me.
You're so excited to grow up - & i feel so lucky that i get to watch.
i told you how one of my favourite qualities about you is your enthusiasm. Whenever we're doing something - you're the first to hop on board & get excited.
i told you about the day you were born... & how the nurses all exclaimed over your giant hands.
We compared our hands - yours are still big beefy things - just like your dad's.
i asked you if i could pray a special birthday prayer for you - & to my surprise you said, "i want to pray for you too mom..."
i prayed for you - a blessing on my sweet son, rocketing through his childhood years, and filling his mama with gratitude...
& you prayed for me too - with your arms wrapped tightly around my neck & your mouth just at my ear... i heard the catch in your voice as you talked to your Father... He has your heart, Charter, He won't ever let you go.
But now - the smell of scrambled eggs is filling the house as your big sisters prepare your birthday breakfast in bed - & anytime now, i'm gonna meet my fresh faced 8 year old.
i sure love you, paxy bear, chew man, charts...
Happy Birthday.


Jen said...

'Like' button.


Prvbs31Mama said...

Happy Birthday Charter!!

Alicia said...

Oooh! I'm a day late, but happy happy birthday Charter! He's such a handsome boy :)

mamalena said...

What a sweet tradition....

Minerva said...

happy belated birthday, Charter!

You must be doing something right if your 8 year old son wants to pray for you too! :)


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