Saturday, June 19, 2010


o my goodness.
It's one of those perfect moments.
Ephraim is lying beside me - his little jammied toes just touching my thigh. He's on his tummy with his little bum in the air... & he's snoring. Just the tiniest little baby snore. uh oh - i think my typing woke him... he just said something - it sounded like, "hi" or maybe "aha!"
I rubbed his so very tiny baby back with my finger tips & he went & drifted away again on me.
i think babies are the most generous beings ever.
Yeah, sure, we give up our sleep, our unwrinkled clothes, our armspace...

but we get the opportunity to keep our hearts soft.

There's just no comparison.
i hope that when my baby days are over - that i meet lots of little ones, needing my arms. i hope that i welcome the drooly shoulder, the wrinkly shirt front that come with the sweetness of a needy little person.
i hope that i have the wisdom to keep my heart soft & my arms open.


Jen said...

You can hold my babies anytime :)
Hope you are having fun with the fam!

Mae said...


I have been following your blog for a litlle while now, and just love it so much!!
I was wondering if it would be ok if i put a link on my blog to yours. I would love to share this fantastic blog i found with my readers!! So let me know.

Keep up the great work!! Your family sound so sweet and fun!!!

paige said...

sure, mae - go ahead :)

Mae said...



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