Thursday, May 27, 2010


Neil & i have always loved to take our littles swimming. i'm not a great swimmer - but i love to swim & i love the water. Neil does too. Each new little person to arrive has been introduced to the water pretty early on & each one, with the exception of Gagey - (who took a little while to warm up to the idea) - loved it.
Ephraim had to wait a little longer to get swimming. With my cast & broken knee following so hot on the heels of his birth, he has only recently begun swimming with us.
He loves it.
On Saturday, the other littles were pouring buckets of water over his head & he would blink & grin. & then i held him out away from me and he would kick his tiny chubby legs happily. Finally, he got a little cold so i took him to the hot tub to warm up & he promptly fell asleep (second week in a row).
i love how my view of my thighs is constantly blocked by my 3 month old wonder baby.
Thank you, Yum.
A lady came up to me as i was smooching his little sleeping self & asked, "How old is your baby?"
"Three months..." i was staring intently at him, but i tried to tear my eyes away so that i wouldn't be rude, avoiding eye contact with this friendly stranger.
"Well, enjoy him... mine are 10 and 13. It goes really fast."
i smiled at her.
"It sure does."

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Prvbs31Mama said...

HAHAHA, she likely thought he was your firstborn, eh?! Hee hee You are so polite Paige...I likely would have rattled off all the ages of my darlings...hehe
So glad you guys make swimming a habit...I would love to do that too. Perhaps that's where our homeschool funding will go this year!


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