Sunday, May 16, 2010

knee update - the boring stuff

How's that for a blog title?
People ask all the time tho, so i thought i'd just jot down where i'm at at this point.
i can walk - even walk fairly briskly - without a limp.
i can walk slowly up stairs - with a hand rail.
i can only walk peg leg down the stairs, not bending my bad one.
i don't have my full range of motion - & they're not sure i'll ever get it all back.
i'm diligently doing exactly as i'm told & hoping that it pays off in the end.
My knees look a lot more alike than they did even a week ago - so things are obviously still improving.
After several vague responses, i asked again when i'll be able to run & the physiotherapist answered, "At some point well beyond 12 weeks..."
We're at 8.5 right now - so there's a ways to go.

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Prvbs31Mama said...

Hugs. I know you've got to be frustrated. know that we're still praying for you and asking our Savior for complete healing for you!
Bless you Paige, I've been so encouraged by you through your blog and think you are one very special person!


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