Saturday, May 29, 2010

my tummy's rumbling

i get hungry for him when he's gone.
Sometimes i'll pull out one of his T-shirts to sleep in, or wander around in his socks at night.
i let the tiny ones invade our bed - & often stay up too late.
We eat food with onions, tomatoes or mushrooms in it -
& sometimes we'll have cereal for supper. (Last night it was pita salads with avocado, lettuce, cucumbers, cheese & peppers...)
He knows he'll have to recite what he had for every meal out on the phone to me 'cause i love food. Me: "mhmm? & what for appies? & did you have any dessert? What did you drink?" i'm such a nerd.
i like it when i do a load of laundry when he's on the road - & his things are in it.
He reminds me to put out the garbage.
i email him when he fogets to call to say g'night.
He'll almost always call when he's leaving to come home.
& i'll pull out the vacuum.
If he's coming home at night - the house will be as clean as i can get it...
& i will be propping my eyelids open upstairs, counting the minutes down...
obsessively checking email for progress reports.
& y'know...
it's not so bad.
in all our 14 years - i have never gotten enough of the man.
His travel schedule just keeps me wanting more -
keeps me grateful -
keeps me thanking God for the nicest present he ever gave me.

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Prvbs31Mama said...

mmmm, love this post! It's so true, even when Jamie is just gone for the day at work, when he calls to say he's on his way home, I scramble to get the house looking nice! lol
I don't get enough of my man either. I love this life!


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