Thursday, May 6, 2010

misery loves company

Neil took me on a date for our anniversary.
Maybe it was the blowing snow & wind that took my breath away,
but i was a little bit grouchy.
"i'm cold." i started with in the restaurant...
The west coast pockets he ordered for an appetizer weren't my favourite...
My food was... average.
After supper, he wanted to buy me a stand mixer for a present, so we went to the store that was advertising them for a sale price... & after waiting forever, my knee seeming to expand by the minute, we were told, "Oh, we don't carry those..."
"Really? 'Cause there's a sign just over there with a picture of the exact one we're looking for..."
"Yeah, i know - maybe you can order it online?"
By now i was limping pretty good... & annoyed with stores, weather and whatever else caught my eye.
Neil seemed amused.
i clung to his hand, & through gritted teeth moaned, "i wish i could just stinking walk normally. i hate that poncho." i pointed to some innocent woman walking across the parking lot.
"i thought you liked ponchos."
"Yeah, well, i hate that one. It makes me grumpy to look at it."
Neil laughed out loud. & i started smiling at my own ridiculousness.
"Neil? What don't you like?"
"Personalized licence plates, the phrase "git 'er done", onions, Value Village and the word 'perm'."
i burst out laughing.
"There are a million things i don't like..." He smiled at me.
14 years.
He didn't care that i had a little attitude on our anniversary.
"But, i like you."
& apparently, even in a snow storm in May, we both like ice cream - so we stopped at the drive thru on the way home & picked up some blizzards to share with the littles when we got home.
Misery loves company, but when she gets it...
It usually cheers her up a little...

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mamalena said...

HAHA....funny one, paige. I like that when asked you can spin off a list just like that..... Sometimes we just can't help being a little grumpy...but it helps to know that no-one or nothing is really the cause.....


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