Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Bonus Boys

neil sent me an email with all of the dates he'll be gone that he knows of for sure in the next couple of months.
Lately, it seems (sleep deprivation?) everytime he pulls out his suitcase i'm shocked & dismayed as i have forgotten what's coming when - so he decided to give me a heads up. Four trips that he knows of in the month of June alone...
Before he leaves, he'll often do a grocery run with me, or just for me. He'll fill up the gas tank & make sure i've got everything i need.
i don't mind that he travels. i know that it's part of the job he's doing - & that he works hard so that i can be home with our little crew...
Today... as we talked about his next trip - i snuggled ephraim.
i told neil how much these little people fill my heart & life when he's gone.
i told him how much i love their company.
i told him how very grateful i am -
for our little bonus boys.
He smiled at me.
"i was right." i said smugly, kissing yum's soft downy head...
"i was smart." he responded.
He likes us.


Stephanie said...

Oh I understand the travel. Doug was gone for 15 out of 20 work week days in May. Thankfully June is promising to be a close to home kind of month.

Prvbs31Mama said...

I love that phrase "bonus boys"!!! I'm so glad Neil knows how smart he was in that decision!! What a blessing, eh?!

Jen said...

Like button.

P.S. Love your new header!


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