Thursday, May 20, 2010


His feet are still so tiny - wee splintering toenails tucked onto the end of toes that perfectly match his the rest of his frame that is just starting to show traces of the chubs to come.
i tucked him into his sling yesterday & he stretched out his dimply legs - refusing to snuggle into me - keeping his little body completely rigid.

He seemed pleased with himself.

A hint of smugness on his glory-filled smiley face.
stretching his head back so that he could look up at me, as if to say - see, mama? i'm lookin' at you...

Oh, i see you, tiny son -
small precious gift -
unexpected bonus -
i see *in you* the lavish love of my Father -
who sent you to this house,
this family,
this mama.
You will always nudge me closer to Him -
bind me closer to your daddy -
soften me towards your siblings.
Soft littlest boy -
i am eternally grateful to you for discovering the parts of my heart -
that never would have been opened -
& learned to blossom & bear fruit -
had you not come.


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