Monday, August 10, 2009

sobbing, hysterical, cheering mama...

That's right.
You heard me.
My kids were in a triathlon this weekend.
i have no idea how some of the parents (my husband included) can remain so *calm*. Apparently, i was made differently.
i was born to cheer.
From the first splash in the water, to the final sprint across the finish line... (& let's just be honest here, i was *that mom* on the sidelines, cheering her child on while she put on her socks in transition... "GOOOOOOO PEYTON!!!!! GET THOSE SOCKS ON!! GIVE 'ER!! YOUUUUU CAN DOOOOOO IT!!!")
i was also the mom cheering till the other parents had to cover their ears when my 9 year old (running a shorter race) caught up to my 11 year old... Yeah, i was screaming and pointing, "THOSE ARE MYYYYYY GIRLS!!!!!! THEY'RE BOTH MIIIIIIIIINEEE!!!!!"
While my children might have had sore muscles after their tremendous efforts (& let me tell you, they were tremendous, having trained for months, they all ran their best races with amazing attitudes) - my voice was sure hoarse that night.
But it was worth it.
Now, lest you think *all* the other parents there were like my husband, let me tell you about a few kindred souls that i saw there... How about the rather rotund father chasing his son across the finish line cheering into his video camera as he jogged along screaming praises to his son - i started cheering for his son too - i just couldn't help myself (nobody's gonna be able to watch that video without getting motion sickness). And then there was the barefoot mama who had obviously done the swim with her little girl, & having laced her daughter's little pink runners perfectly, she left her own feet bare as they ran the running portion together. What about that dad who got all dressed up in his athletic gear, but then couldn't keep up to his son when he got running & had to tell him to go ahead (his son couldn't have been more than 5). i saw another mom dive into the water, doing the swim with her little girl, cheering as she swam backwards in front of her little one with a huge smile on her face...
Yeh, the triathlon was a huge success... & a reminder that while i may be a little off the wall in this emotional, hysterical, (& probably hormonal) sobbing mess of motherhood, i'm not alone.


Mimi said...

I'm with you all the way on this one, Paige! How can we NOT cheer our kids on? I still do it, and my 'baby' is your friend Minerva! Congratulations on the new little one on the way.

mamazee said...

that's one of the things i love best about motherhood. it's the ultimate time to give yourself permission to ignore the programming you got for 13 years of public school of being cool and pretending nothing affects you and just letting your heart sob or laugh or plain old delight in your children. I thought falling in love was exciting, and it was - and staying in love is something beautiful and a little more mellow, but nothing chills my bones or makes my heart race, or makes me beam with pride like my little ones...

Prvbs31Mama said...

I wish I had known about the triathlon! I would have screamed right beside you!!!! Most likely in tears cause that's just the way I roll
the next day they had an adult triathlon too!!! But I always find out about these things when it's too late...sigh

jessica jespersen said...

I cry at every first race of the x-country season. So exciting to see them reach for challenging goals and then complete the challenge with a sweaty smile and a cold cup of water. Sob on mamapaige. -j


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