Tuesday, August 11, 2009

my new bff

So my old computer is finally done.
Neil made the call to just get me a new one & i'm not sure, but i think i'll be getting it tomorrow (for now, i'm blogging on Cai's old clunker).
i've had the old one for so long, i feel like i'm saying goodbye to a friend. i've cried over her keyboard, poured my heart out through my fingers, kept in touch with family and made new friends through that screen.
But i can tend to be sentimental like that... Neil bought me a new journal the other day because my little pink one is getting full & i looked at the new one suspiciously - with shiny new cover & a magnetic panel to close it. i'm glad i have some time to finish of my pink one & get use to this impostor sitting on my shelf waiting for my pen to scrawl in it's pages... Hopefully before that time comes, it will feel a little more familiar & a little less like a stranger.
So... now i'm left wondering about this new computer.
Will my words flow from her keyboard?
Will my ideas stop & start - hardly finding their way from my fingers to my computer screen?
Will my new bff be cold & awkward off the start? Or will we hit it off immediately?
i'm kinda nervous to meet her....

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