Friday, August 28, 2009

ready for anything...

Mollen is starting kindergarten.
i'm nervous for completely different reasons than i was with my other children. At our house, the children get a choice if they want to go to Kindergarten & then it's homeschool for grade 1. The big girls didn't get a choice, but by the time Charter came along, i let him choose & he wanted to go. Mollen made the same choice.
The reason i'm biting my nails?

What is she going to say while she's there?

Just the other day, Neil was at the kitchen sink & as she walked behind him, she smacked his behind & said, "Hey, you ol' loooove machine."
& honestly? He didn't even flinch.
*That's* how used to her we have become. i see that cute little mouth - with perfect pink lips. Adorable blue eyes & that sweet little blondie blunt cut & think... how can that sweet little girl be matched with that feisty, fiery, quirky personality?
i know when people come up to me & say, "Guess what Mollen just said to me?" that i'd better start apologizing... & i can't help but blush.
So, i guess i will just be ready for anything.
& i hope Mrs. Purdy is too.


jessica jespersen said...

haa haa! Tell Mrs. Purdy to put her "listening ears" away every now and then and i'm sure Mollen will do just fine in Say "hi" to the "Old Looooove Machine" when you see him. ;) --j

Jen said...

Heheh! Have fun with that! ;)

mamalena said...

HAHA....could be worse....

Erin said...

I could not help but laugh. I have one of those except she is 3 and a half and about to start preschool for a couple of days a week. I am so nervous about what she might say!


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