Thursday, August 27, 2009

beautiful babe

So, copying & pasting from an email for you all to read:
First of all, i walked in there & the u/s tech was the same one who did my horrible ultrasound after i had lost baby Hope - ugh... It was in the other opposite corner of the city & so i never ever would have thought i'd see that guy again. Lame. Gave me a yuck feeling to start with, but i managed to get over it.
AND, he outright told me the sex without warning!!!!! So, there goes all my agonizing about finding out! When i told everyone that i knew when we got out to the vehicle, they all decided they wanted to know - BUT, they want to keep it just our family’s secret till the baby comes... (Cai’s idea, wouldn’t you guess?) i don't know if we'll be able to keep it a secret, but i'm game if they want to try. (Can you imagine mollen & charter keeping a secret for FIVE months??) Besides, i know u/s can be wrong, so i always doubt even when i find out!
Babe was measuring a few days ahead (i don't believe that for a second... i know this will be a feb baby)... & all looked good. My glimpses of the baby were very very very short - i felt really rushed & couldn't see very well from laying on the table, but i'm pretty sure we have a cutie pie on our hands. You should have seen that cute little heart beat just givin' er. Sweet little wave too (no offer, or opportunity to buy pics either...) gorgeous little legs all tucked in with bum in the air... breech... hopefully that'll change... Anterior placenta (explains my faint kicks i've been getting... bummer! but, it's nice & far away from my cervix & that's more important).
I’m feeling a lot more confident, knowing that all looks great & seeing the teeny one on the screen.... *yay*. & yet, strangely patient! Now, on to the exceedingly difficult task of thinking of names... (this makes me think it was a good idea to know that intimate detail as now we’ll only have to agonize about 1 name instead of 2).


Melissa said...

Somehow I knew that if I waited till just past 7:00 a.m., I'd be rewarded with a post...

I can't believe your u/s tech. I feel *robbed* for you. :(

I'm glad the most important thing happened though - seeing that teeny happy heartbeat!! Praise God!

Anonymous said...

In N. Battleford they won't tell you the sex, even if you want to know! Only found out with Isobel because we went to Saskatoon for more testing... Sounds odd that you couldn't get a picture even.... Heard about one from Edmonton the other day that as the woman was having the ultrasound, the grandparents etc. could tune in on their home computers by punching in a code and view the baby all at the same time as the scan was bring done! Glad all appears to be well... Saskatchewan Cousin

Jen said...

Sweet babe.

You'll have to let us know if you liked knowing the sex.
Have fun keeping the secret! :)

Wish we could see a picture :(

Mindy said...

Isn't it amazing how different u/s can be such different experiences? I'm sorry about the tech you had. Ugh.

But how wonderful to take a peek at your little one. I hope you family has a blast with your secret! And I wish you peace in choosing a name.

Stephanie said...

Oh I know the sweet precious relief of actually "seeing" the little miracle growing inside you. Praying for a uneventful pregnancy for you.


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