Friday, May 22, 2009

Run on...

So, the fling continues...
i've been using Hal Higdon's 10k training schedule & it seems to be going at a nice little pace for me. i've gained 3lbs (of lean hard muscle i'm sure - bwahahaa) and have rediscovered my appetite... (k, i never really lost my appetite, but it's getting even bigger).
i don't know what the point of this whole fling is... It's not to lose weight, or even to be fit. i think for me it's all about pushing myself to do something that has always been on my dreamy list of things i'd like to be able to do - & to be able to push beyond that voice that says, "k, i'm uncomfortable, can we stop now?"
This past Sunday i ran the farthest i've run in recent memory - maybe i ran that far in highschool, but surely not since. i ran 5 miles (44:44 for those of you who care about things like time...). It's not very hilly where we live, so it wasn't a very difficult run. The weather was just perfect - not hot, not cold. i had awesome company - 2 pre-teens on bikes - & it was early morning, so not even any traffic to contend with.
i wouldn't have minded if Gage would have gotten up with me so i didn't have to carry the milk jugs with - but even so - it didn't seem too bad & that way Neil still got to sleep in. (He made me coffee when i got home...)
It's my new secret (or not so secret if i post it here & all four of you read it!!) thrill to map out my runs on & add them to my training log & get a sense of deep satisfaction from them adding a little running man logo to that day - or a little swimming person logo if i swam - or a little weightlifter if i... if i... if i do push ups & sit ups.
i feel like i'm in one of those relationships that is bound to turn long distance when the snow flies though & i'm just not sure if we have what it takes to weather that kind of trial.
Will i run when it gets cold - or will i just pack up my shoes & quit?

i wonder why i feel like i should have such a sense of failure if i do quit...

So, for now - i'm putting the thought of fall & snow & ice on hold... saving links for 'yak tracks' & enjoying these days of not too hot, not too cold springish weather - & taking it one day at a time.
Run on...


Jen said...

Go Paige go!!! That's awesome! Wish we could be running partners.
I think it's funny that on that website that helps you train for the 10K it has everything in miles. haha!

mamazee said...

hooray paige! there is frost on the neighbour's roof, but the sun is out today and i think i will go running... gotta find my running partner :) wish you lived here!

Melissa said...

You go, girl! I'm so proud of you - 5 miles in 44 minutes is pretty fast for a newbie! You must be a total natural... endorphins released from running are almost unmatched by any other form of exercise. I am eager to start running again, as soon as I'm able... but I'm going to have to start "from scratch", I think! Watch out; you might get totally addicted!!

Thanks for posting the links for the yaktracks, too - how fun!!

The Nieboer News said...

Sounds like you should be running the 1/2 marathon for me next weekend. My training started off strong and then fell off a cliff when I got sick in March and hurt my foot in April. I'm thinking I'll be downgrading to the 10K.

I have a love/hate relationship with running. I find that once I have done the first four minutes, I could go forever but that first bit (including getting out the door) are the worst!.

I like too. I have the Nike+ now which is super great too! You wear it on your shoe and it wirelessly transmits to the nano. You can push the button at anytime and it tells you your distance, time and current pace.

Prvbs31Mama said...

'kay, I've got a fold up treadmill for the winter months that you can
I still haven't dusted it off since we moved!

Lisa said...

I don't think it is a failure when you decide not to do it anymore. It certainly doesn't devalue the running you've already done. With my bible study or prayer life or dieting or exercise, I am always looking for some new plan to help me stay on track. Stopping one plan is just an opportunity to start the next!


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