Thursday, May 28, 2009

You Were Always On My Mind

My husband & i are horrible with birthdays. Not just each others, but the kids too.
But i remember one time, only a couple of weeks into our marriage, Neil came home with this black leather wallet.
"Look what i got you." He said.
My wallet had just fallen apart & wouldn't stay shut anymore after the zipper broke & i guess he had noticed & decided spur of the moment to get me a new one. i couldn't believe it. All evening i bugged him.. "But, WHY did you get that?! Did you see it on SALE somewhere??"
"Nope. i just knew you needed one, so i went & found one..."
"But, why would you do that? What made you think of that? How did you know that i needed one?" It wasn't my birthday, our anniversary, a holiday, or even a Friday...
It was just too absurd to think of someone seeing a need & filling it for me.
13 years later - maybe i've started taking him for granted 'cause i get it now. i get that he buys me things to take care of me & to show his love. i get that he sucks at saying the right thing - but that his heart *surely* beats for me. i get that he's thoughtful, generous and a 'no reason gift-giver'.
's what i like better than birthdays or anniversaries, or Valentines, or Christmas.
i'm on his mind... & i wanna stay there.


Jen said...

wait a minute....if you were just here, how did you write this? ;)
haha - yer so organized!

Prvbs31Mama said...

My man is like that too...except he ignores birthdays and holidays on purpose...hehe he hates the commercialism, yet he loves to find me the perfect gift!! Now if I can only bless him with a clean house on a regular basis, I know he'd feel loved too....


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