Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Confessions... Normal, me?

Cai made her own deodorant tonight. Normal behaviour for a 12 year old? i don't know.
She asked me as she was mixing the ingredients, "Mom, am i weird?"
um, yes.
She makes her own shampoo & toothpaste too. i like out of the box thinkers tho - so i think i will keep her.
As i'm cleaning up the kitchen - i am greeted by a sobbing 5 year old. What on earth could be the matter?!
"Now i can't pick my nose!!!"
Are you kidding me?
"S-s-s-s-Sloanie clipped my fingernails & now i can't pick my nose anym-m-m-m-orrrrrrrrre."
"Molls." (gently) "Maybe you could use a tissue."
"What's a tissue? Is that toiletpaper??"
"Yes, and you could use it to blow your nose."
Before i can stop her, she blows her nose into her empty hands.
Suddenly it's funny. & she runs off to wash them. Ew.
Normal behaviour for a 5 year old? I'm not sure, but i think not.
Incidentally, is it normal behaviour for a 10 year old to clip her sister's fingernails without being asked?
So, Neil's gone this week. i noticed that my stairs really, really need to be vacuumed. It's Tuesday... Neil gets home Friday...
Is it bad that i'm tempted to wait till Friday to vacuum them?
Keep in mind i have 6 children.
6 really really messy children.
Children who walk around letting crumbs drop out of their mouths no matter where they are or what they're eating.
Children who are experts at leaving little bits of thread, paper, leaves, grass, dust & dirt all over stairs that really, honestly should be vacuumed daily.
(Jutting out stubborn chin) i think i will.
i'm contemplating not showering till he gets home either...
Or brushing my hair...
Or making my bed...
i may just laze around in my pj's till i hear the van pull into the garage.
& make the kids eat cereal for supper every day.
i am also putting together a blog post in the near future about all the holes that are in my children's (homeschool) education & how i honestly believe that that is *no big deal*.
Anyone wanna top that one? Comments are open.


deborah said...

ha! Cai might want to get used to being 'weird'. ;) in a good way, that is.

as for the vaccuuming - I would TOTALLY wait until Friday to do it - otherwise you'll be doing it twice.

ah, i think you're doing a fine job (even if I can't see the holes). here's a boost: Kazia has offered to be homeschooled only if you teach her.

Jen said...

oh Mollen...maybe you should teach her the 'farmer blow'!
I think your kids are gonna turn out ok :)
Fun post!

jessica jespersen said...

Is it normal for a 9 year old to stop in the middle of Ikea and ask if she can buy some little glass jars for her cousin to put her homemade deodorant in! hee hee Carrie bought Cairo a little set the other day. I think Cairo has one follower at least... Blaze that trail Cai!--j

Luke said...


Who of us in normal? And what is "normal" anyway? [smile] All good stuff, though I do wonder: What's vacuuming? Isn't food particle cleanup what pets are for? [laughing]


Prvbs31Mama said...

Oh my goodness! I love the honesty of Mollen! Who knew picking your nose was considered gross?!?
I LOVE that Cai is into making her own toothpaste and deoderant and shampoo!! I have the desire to do that, but haven't got the guts to do it yet!! Will she come to my house and give me lessons?????? I'm serious!!

Sherilyn said...

I say have your kids collect all of the debris on the stairs and create a bird's nest out of it. That should fill in one of those gaps! It is Spring after all!

mamalena said... fulfilling all that God created us (individually) to be..... what most people (the herd) will settle for...


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