Wednesday, July 20, 2011


i like writing. 
i like the clickity clack of the keyboard & watching my feelings turn into words.  It's almost like taking a photograph - capturing a moment in a day; an expression, an idea.
On a whim a while ago, i sent a couple of stories to Mamalode magazine.  They sent me an email early this morning that one of them is live on their website today. 
You can check it out here.
It's from a moment captured a couple of years ago... i hope Charter doesn't mind me talking about his undies... 
Feel free to share it!  The more clicks the better:)


Lesley said...

I read the story after Jess posted a link on Facebook. It is great! I love reading what you write:-) I first heard about Mamalode magazine just a few weeks ago on the "Enjoying the Small Things" blog that you turned me onto when you posted a link to her entry "Nella Cordelia a birth story."
Well done! I am a writer myself but post very little of what I write as I just don't have the confidence in my writing that I would like. You wrote about that feeling before you published 40 Weeks (which I got in the post recently from your sister and thoroughly enjoyed!)...that insecurity, for lack of a better word.

I remember when my parents gave me a typewriter for my birthday when i was a teenager. Nothing was more satisfying than the clickety clack of a Brother typewriter!:-)

fiddlincairo said...

Lesley - sometimes i force myself not to look *too* closely at my writing. It makes for lots of typos - but also helps me not to be overly critical, shy & just plain insecure.
Blogging is the best venue for that :) hehe.

fawne said...

this is so special paige. love it.


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