Wednesday, July 13, 2011

circle of moms - top 25 homeschool blogs

So, Circle of Moms published their results on the "Roundup".  Here is a link to the little write up they did on Sojourners.    Sojourners was 19th in the top 25 homeschool blogs. 
& just 'cause i can, i'll post here what i had sent them in response to their interview questions.  (The long version of the abbreviated one at the Roundup.) 
Thanks for all the votes - it was fun to get voted into the top 25.  Sometimes, honestly - homeschooling seems like such a peripheral part of our little journey, but i hope that those looking for encouragement will find it here. 

What inspired you to start blogging?

i originally started a blog to organize my thoughts on various pro-life issues - but then, i realized that pro-life is so much more than a 'cause', or just something that i believe in... it is - in a sense - our way of life, and so i expanded the focus of my blog to include more facets of my life; and a big part of that has been our homeschooling journey.

What are 3 distinctive features of your blog:

*One of the first things you might notice about my blog is that i love Jesus; that, and the knowledge that God is Good goes down to the very root of who i am.

*Another distinctive feature of my blog is that we are a larger than average family. With every age from highschool down to baby being represented in our classroom, meeting the needs of seven sweet children definitely plays a big part in what you'll read on my blog. i started a couple of features that readers have told me they appreciate - one is called, "How We Do it..." & i use it to share some of the logistics that go into making life work for us as a big family. Another tag is "And then she said..." and that's where i try to record just a few of the funny conversations - or in the case of my seven year old - 'one liners' that are bound to happen with this many little people under foot.

*Thirdly, you'll notice that my blog isn't curriculum focused, even though every so often i might share some curriculum choices that have worked for us. My blog is meant to be more of an encouragement - i share from my heart, from life, from my marriage - & i hope for transparency and honesty; even if it makes me vulnerable.

Why did you decide to homeschool your children?

i never would have imagined when i first began having children that i would be a homeschool mama, but after registering our oldest daughter in kindergarten, it became obvious to me that we needed to consider homeschool. She couldn't thrive in that atmosphere like some of the other children could - and she sighed with relief when i told her we wouldn't be sending her back for grade 1. Since then, we haven't looked back. It has become a lifestyle i love - and keeping my children at home for their education has only added to the joy of our bustling household.

What are your 3 favorite posts?

Wow, after blogging over a thousand posts over the past 5 years, this was a fun question answer. It was a trip down memory lane sifting through all my old favourites, peeking into our homeschool and trying to pick only three to share. i tried to make choices that would show some of the different flavours that Sojourners holds...

*The Jump - was written to encourage other moms who had contacted me, wanting advice and encouragement about beginning this sometimes terrifying homeschool journey.

*Humble Pie Tastes Disgusting - shatters the myth that homeschool mamas always have it all together - and it reminds me to laugh as i eat my humble pie... it's good for the soul.

*Perspectives Part 1 - chronicles part of what happened when one of my children asked if they could attend public school.

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