Wednesday, July 27, 2011

he misses me, gotta kisses me

i grab my phone & quickly check my emails before getting out of the van.  Neil is coming home this day & i want confirmation that he boarded that plane.   
The one from him catches my eye & i smile as i read it, attracting the attention of the small fry. 
"What is it, mom!!??  What does it say??"
"It's an email from daddy - it says that he misses me a lot this trip."
Cairo raises her eyebrows at me, "Are you sure you're not just re-reading an email that you sent him?"

me & sunshine boy sat on the front step in our underwear to wait for daddy.  Well... sunshine boy was in his underwear.  i'm pretty sure i was wearing pants.


Kari Jeanne said...

Love this!

Lola said...

Cairo's comment made me chuckle. Sometimes reading your blog makes me understand how Mark must feel being married to me. :) Hopefully mark "gets" me as much as you "get" your husband.

I once counted how many times he used the words love and miss in a note he wrote to me while we were engaged... it was a lot... I won't even tell you how many times :).

Mindy said...

I loved this! And Cai's remark was pretty funny. She sounds like she knows her parents very well...

lovefam6 said...

Love it! Cai is a riot ;)


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