Tuesday, July 26, 2011

hungry love

Divorce makes me sad. 
It just does. 
Neil & i had a conversation about divorce not too long ago & i asked him - why he thought divorce was so prevalent.  He said he figured it's because some people will never be happy with anything...
Maybe he's right. 
i suppose there are big reasons people choose divorce too - reasons that our culture or religion condone. 
But i wonder... if a more common reason for divorce... is neglect?  Outright starvation? 
i remember after i had Ephraim, being so hungry i thought i would never be full again.  Neil made me tea and toast - and i licked up every crumb...
Could it be that we leave our love hungry?
& there it sits... pushed aside.  Barely heard as it withers and fades.
& of course - i have never been in anyone else's shoes.  i don't know what heartbreaking moments brought them to that final decision to end a union...
i'm just saying that i'm conscious of the hunger that happens between a man and his bride - a hunger for love, respect and acceptance.  We hunger for approval, loyalty and camaraderie; for humour, company and fidelity.  We're starving for interest, affection, attention and affirmation. 
i never wanna be so busy shoveling food into my own bloated belly - that i allow our marriage to starve.


Melissa Bradley said...

Very true. I think you may be right, in the average marriage. But I have wondered MaNy Times how on earth do marriages survive outside of Christ. There are times that my selfish, selfcentered, "Me, Me, What about Me" heart, comes out for a visit and I have to take it to the cross. When I'm being 100% woman and nothing my husband can do can make me happy, If I don't have God's word reflecting "my problems" back into my face, it would be easy for me to give into my horomones :) maybe thats just me. But Every month I am so grateful for Christ and how He lovingly shows me "My" imperfections. And HOW Very Grateful I am that I have a Godly husband who doesn't leave or make the "Me, Me, What about Me" a whole lot worse than it already is:) lol

mamalena said...

I think you are both right...but you are MORE right Paige. (neil doesn't read this right?...haha) In the words of Tim OBrien's bluegrass song, "If there’s ever an answer It’s more love."

I bought a late Italian prune plum tree when I first moved here. It has taken all this time (5years?)to produce even one plum but this is the year. Turns out they are gonna be yellow plums. Now the tree is established and taking up space in my garden. I have two choices...rip it out and start over or learn to know all the delights of yellow plums.

Lesley said...

Divorce = sad.
Josh and I talk about it a lot.
I just can't ever imagine "us" without him (or Him,-).

I think Neil is right when he says some people can't ever be happy. It's like they just can't let themselves...again, sad. How much they miss.

Lesley said...

OK...just read my comment again and it sounds as though we contemplate divorce a lot!!! :-) What I meant to say was that we have the "divorce is so sad" conversation quite a bit. When our friends go through hard times or when they decide to divorce. Sad sad sad.

paige said...

melissa - you're right. i think that *feeding love* - is what comes from trying to be like Jesus... It should be a natural thing for a Christian - & sometimes it's not.
Lesley - i knew what you meant :) haha. neil & i have that discussion every once in awhile too & i think it's good to "go there" - & talk about it every once in awhile.
& mom... more love, more love, more love... there's never too much.


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