Tuesday, July 12, 2011

why i don't have a cleaning lady...

i have three reasons - (likely more, but there are three that pop to mind the quickest & with the most force). i have thought about this a lot in the past couple of years. Especially when i broke my kneecap when E was 5 weeks old.

i thought i'd get cleaning help then... but i just didn't end up doing it - & eventually i got better... & we got by... but through that experience, i came to understand a little more the battle that goes on in my heart every time i have thought about getting some paid help around here.

1. Inconvenience - we're home *all the time* using our house, homeschooling, living, napping, eating... when on earth would there come a convenient time to have someone extra come in to clean? Add to this the inconvenience of paying someone to come - & the nervousness i'd feel telling someone how to clean up our messes - & i'm left knowing that us & a cleaning lady are probably not a great fit.

2. It's part of my training. Juggling all my household tasks is doing an important work on my character.  It's also a wonderful opportunity to train my little ones to contribute to our home and to keep ourselves in a semblance of order - at least most of the time.  This is part of their education - and part of the responsibility i have.  Keeping this job is the best way i know of, to accomplish those goals. 

3. Why do i have to believe the insinuation that my house is supposed to be spotless *all the time*? Or ever? This is the most important point for me.  Our house is "lived in" far more than most houses.  We have 9 people living in a 1600sq ft house.  We have children who are home year round - and a daddy who works from home.  This home isn't for show - every single square inch of it is *used* space... Useful space should be just that - tidy, organized - (and pretty too, if i can squeeze it in - because beauty makes me happy...) but above all - we have to look at functionality & having our house perpetually 'show home ready' - is one thing i'm willing to live without. 

So, yeh - i day dream about a cleaning lady on the days when the world seems to overwhelm, and i yearn for my house to be a peaceful oasis in the chaos of life... but for now... this is how... & why... we do it. 


Lola said...

I think I would be a much better house keeper if I hired a cleaning person because I'd spend so much time pre-cleaning before they got here. :)

fawne said...

I've always told Ben I would much rather hire a cook than a cleaning lady. :-)
I don't mind the cleaning but sometimes the cooking gets old for me.

lovefam6 said...

I'd be willing to be there's an additional reason why you feel the house should always look acquaintance ready, but maybe I'm projecting ;)

paige said...

hehe - are you thinking of my tidy man, dacia?? if so, you hit that one right on the head :)

Anonymous said...

Paige- to me your house is pretty much always clean. You guys do a great job and yes it is pretty too.


Lori-Dawn said...

I need to learn to purge clutter better, cause that's one thing Paige rarely has is clutter! I love it! I keep telling myself that once I've succeeded in keeping my house in good shape for a year I will consider getting house help in...but I tend to think by that time I will enjoy the job myself...LOL

Mandy said...

I am just about to start looking for a cleaning/laundry lady to come once every 2 weeks on our field trip day. It is great to hear your perspective about the work that the Lord is doing on character through all the work that we feel will never get done! I do need to examine my motives! With our new home based business I am not keeping up but your post will help me make sure that my motives are pure. Thanks! How about that long lost laundry post Paige?? :)


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