Thursday, July 28, 2011

the wee dawn

Our alarm clocks went off at the same time that morning. 
His, the gravelly, staticky musical sounds of a small radio alarm. 
Mine, a tiny prince calling to me from the confines of his bedroom. 
He reached over to end the drone of white noise guised as music - and i - roused myself from our bed as that clear baby voice called me again and again by my most familiar name... "Mama!"
When i came back, treasure in arms, he was already in the shower - so baby and i slipped for a moment under blankets to find the comfort he kept asking for. 
A breath, a moment - a sweet beginning as the hot water steamed up the bathroom, and the traffic began to pick up outside. 
Morning rages -
afternoon flies on wings -
evening passes like a storm in July. 
Our work calls to us - one wobbly note at a time. 

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