Saturday, July 23, 2011

just the little ones

just me & the little boys in the mornings this week - with daddy away for work & the 5 bigs at DVBS... Such sweet little monkeys.
On the last day, we walked to meet the bigs on their way home.  As soon as they caught sight of us, my teeny flock let out shrieks of joy & ran the length of the block to greet us.  They told me about a poor woman's unfortunate wardrobe choice.  She was wearing a light coloured pair of shorts and they were hard to see.  One of my children said to the other, "Whoops, for a minute there, i thought she wasn't wearing any pants!"
At that very moment, my son ran up behind them, stopped short and said, "Cairo.  Is that man naked?"
Poor woman. 

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mamazee said...

We had four littles today - Wy was sick so we took the four littlies canoeing - fun!


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