Thursday, July 23, 2009

Wearing Jesus...

Sometimes i don't feel like it. i feel like taking Him off - like a coat - & leaving Him on the rack so i can roam more comfortably in my own misery. i can be rude or grumpy - & forget that He would pull my heart towards kindness and grace... i can be quick to anger, holding a grudge & forget that He would have me lay down my rights. i can wallow in my own self-importance & forget that He thinks other people are important too.
Saturate me, Lord - so that You soak into the very fiber of my being.
Don't be a surface garment that i can carelessly toss aside - change me from the inside out.
Forgive me, Jesus - for my thoughtless pride,
and consecrate my little life -
For You.


Prvbs31Mama said...

Oh Paige, I pray this daily and still feel like I'm in a constantly losing battle...sigh. It's so hard to die to self...but I'm not giving up!

Andrea said...



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