Wednesday, July 29, 2009


So, when Minerva posted her poetry challenge this week, she seemed a little extra excited about it. i had never heard the word Ekphrasis before & felt myself hit a bit of a mental block. Prior to this, i think all of the challenges had some kind of a "poetry mold" that i had to try to fit my words into... This one didn't. No rhyming scheme, no meter to observe, no length, no syllables to count... & the freedom was only half my problem...
See, the thing is, you're supposed to base your poem on a work of art.
i love art.
i feel completely inadequate to describe from within a masterpiece - my own crippled verbal view... & so it's no surprise that i wasn't entirely happy with what i ended up with. BUT, a challenge *is* after all, a challenge & so i'll post it here anyway.
The piece of art i chose is one i see a print of every time i go to my sister's house. She has several of his prints & this one especially moves me. It's called _The Kiss_ by Gustav Klimt.

Completely enveloped.
Fingers intertwined with fingers -
and the fine hair at the
nape of my neck.

Arms holding me.
My feet unable to find firm ground.
His breath is on me,
My cheeks afire.

Soft lips touch
burnt cheek
no breath escapes -
My eyes close - i'm lost.

Golden tones.
Warmth and flashes of light.
Soft greens express
our verdant love.

Now, i'll admit - i feel like a bit of a doorknob posting poetry on a blog - so, if anyone wants to play along, *do* - so i don't feel so lonesome.


Prvbs31Mama said...

I love it! Describes the intimate feelings of being kissed that you don't hear verbalized much...I like your poem! the art though...hurts my eyes...LOL I'm sooo not an art person...sigh.

jessica jespersen said...

Ah, my favourite artist. :) The Kiss is a different print than i have. The one i have that closely resembles The Kiss is part of a larger picture called "Tree of Life". Klimt's art moves me... whenever i find poetry, art, music that moves me, i'm almost loath to read about the artists' life. So much going on behind the scenes that may cause me to loose sight of what the image/music/words mean to me personally. Love that you are doing these poetry challenges p. -j

Minerva said...

Just remember what I told you, even if you think it's not as good as you want it to be, people see things in it that you don't. It is the same (I think) with any art. I'm so glad you keep sharing your poetry with me, and with your friends! :)

Anonymous said...

I have never heard of the artist, Klimt before. Now I'll have to do some research to see who he was...

I got a funny kiss today -- over the telephone lines all the way from Scotland! So there are many kinds of kisses -- Eskimo kisses, telephone kisses, kisses on the cheek from my Father who would never kiss anyone but my Mother on the lips! Etc. Etc. You could write alot of poems on the topic of kissing!!!

Your "Kissing" Saskatchewan Cousin


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