Friday, July 10, 2009

Poetry challenge...

See, i knew the sonnet would be coming to Minerva's poetry challenge at *some* point. i have this memory of trying to write in iambic pentameter in highschool & being a complete failure. Once again, i couldn't get the meter, but minerva encouraged me to post my poem anyway, saying it would just sound more 'fresh and modern' :) with my random meter. i'll take that. i did manage 10 syllables per line and i got the rhyming scheme right. My poem is about secrets in marriage - i can't even count the number of times that Neil or i have come to the other needing to 'get something out'. Marriage is a beautiful, safe place to do that - where your words will be sifted & where even if you say something 'wrong' - love will prevail.

In Secret

Alive, my secrets whisper'd in the dark;
i note with breakneck speed, my beating heart;
stops midstep - unsure - and in his face mark;
what feeling lies therein? Words stop... then start.

My secret swells and contracts between us;
Like a beating heart - no longer contained;
i lie still - (inside all's writhing, anxious)-
and wish fervently that she were still chained.

What obstacle would try to hold love back?
What worthy foe could ambush us and win?
Her pow'r when unspoken in inky black
dissipates now, becoming weak and thin.

Secrets crip'ling blow can only love cure;
at home where hearts are of each other sure.

And just for fun, since i didn't post this one when she had her last poetry challenge, i'll post my "found poem" which is just a really fun way to say plagiarized writing... hehe. You can use anything for found poetry - a want ad, a newspaper article, rearranged music lyrics - etc. i chose to use an entry from a thesaurus.

Ever Adequate?

all right, capable, comfortable,
competent, decent, equal,
passable, requisite, satisfactory,
suitable, tolerable,unexceptional,
(content "found" on - synonyms for adequate)

As i found myself labouring over my sonnet, Neil came into the house & when i glanced up at him, i saw the house through his eyes. The breakfast dishes were still on the table, Gagey was running around in nothing but a diaper & it appeared i was sitting in my chair, doing... 'nothing'.
But, all at once, a different feeling rose in my chest.
My silly sonnet was important.
It was something that i was crafting for myself.
These were moments of time that i had carved out to try to create something. It didn't matter that my 3 quatrains with a rhyming couplet weren't going to earn me any money - or that for a few minutes my children were left to their own devices.
When i look back on my life, i feel sure that i would sacrifice an hour of cleaning for an hour of creativity. i pushed my guilt to the side & proceeded to do the dishes.
& after that...
i finished my Sonnet.


Minerva said...

I couldn't agree more, Paige. I am so glad I re-started my blog; not only have I enjoyed seeing what you come up with, but it "makes" me take time out to be creative. I have always wanted to be a writer, since I started writing, but I hadn't made the time in years. So hopefully some good things will come out of the experience for me as well! Thanks for joining me on the journey.

Anonymous said...


As long as you can tell Neil all your secrets at home!

Wouldn't it be awful to have to go to the Maury Povich stage to break the "secrets" to your spouse in front of the whole world!

Bet very few of those marriages (if they are real) actually last! If you can communicate about stuff, usually a satisfactory compromise can be worked out!

Isobel loves to tell secrets though sometimes it is just a stalling tactic so she doesn't have to hang up the phone on Granny and Grandpa!

Saskatchewan Cousin.

Erik said...

I have read your last few poetry challenge responses Paige and am blown away each time by the opportunity for ministry. Creativity was perhaps one of the first characteristics God introduces himself with and I have dreamed for years as to how to bring this same spirit, or should I say Spirit, into MTC.

Have you considered starting a themed Poetry Challenge night or Creative Expressions night at MTC? The simplicity behind setting a theme to a hospitable environment with the invitation for those in our community to share thoughts of creativity and inspiration could be nothing less then an encounter with the Holy Spirit! I would truly like to be a part of that!

Anyways, just some thoughts.


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