Tuesday, July 28, 2009

a quick 18

We all know that a quick 18 doesn't exist. Especially those of us who are married to lovers of the game.
He comes bounding into the house, like a great big puppy, his gangly legs taking three stairs at a time. He's whipping off his dress pants as he breathlessly informs me he's going for a "quick 18". He's so hyper, he whips children up off the ground & throws them onto our bed & tickles till i'm sure someone is going to wet their pants (i just hope it's a child & not my golf fanatic husband).
He grabs me in a bear hug - he who only 2 hours earlier was nearly motionless staring at his computer screen, glassy eyed in his office - and kisses me on the lips, hard.
In seconds he has changed into his appropriate golf garb and is bounding down the stairs, fairly running for the door.
i feel a slight niggle of jealousy. How can this game - & the promise of 4 hours of sunshine with a buddy make his mood so hilariously jovial?
i push the feelings aside, smile & say, "Have fun!"
After all, it's only a quick 18... & hopefully when he gets home, my playful pup will still have some of that zip in his step.


Melissa said...

Maybe your hubby can talk to my hubby about having something just for himself... something fun he can invest himself into, rather than just work and projects...

Lisa said...

I can relate! James used to golf quite a bit. He's too busy now, but ya, there is no such thing as a 'quick 18'... lol.


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