Friday, July 17, 2009

Taking a nap

oh, weary bones - i see my bed & wonder what it would feel like to just climb in & forget the world around me. The temptation is too great & as i snuggle the blankets up and around my ears, i heave a sigh of contentment.
Moments pass & there is the sound of footsteps in the hallway - "Momma? Gagey has a stinky diaper..."
i force my eyes open & see little blue eyed prince & one of his favourite sisters lugging him into my room. Together, we change his little bum, and i tell big sister that momma just wants a few minutes to rest & would she please take Gagey for a little bit?
The door softly shuts behind her & my eyes begin to close when there is a bloodcurdling scream from the basement. My heart starts to pound. i dig my head under the blankets & hope that the furious screams will stop soon. The voice begins to travel & i sigh as my door bangs open & 2 livid small fry enter my room. It takes all of Solomon's wisdom to calm this outrage - wisdom that i am lacking in my sleep deprived state, but soon i have evicted some slightly less angry children from my room and i roll over, hoping to please shut my eyes - just for a moment.
i hear a whisper in the hallway.
"Gagey, mama's just in her bed... go in her room, you'll find her..."
The door thumps open & i hear pudgy feet padding towards me. He hefts his little body up onto the bed & leans over my face, laying smoochies on my lips as i keep my eyes shut, hoping against hope that he'll snuggle in for a little nap.
i hear the front door slam as someone goes out. Slam. Someone comes in. Slam. Someone out. Slam. In. Slam. Out. In, out, in, out, in, out... the process repeats itself while Gagey digs his fingernails into my eyelids and tries to force his full fist into my mouth.
The phone rings.
i screen the call & realize it's a telemarketer & i let it ring.
"Hello?" i hear downstairs, "Just a minute, i'll get her."
Sweetly smiling child brings me the phone... "It's for you mama, they called you Mrs. Beeezlt."

Nope... naps are a rare commodity these days. Maybe it's God's way of helping me get the most time in with my sweet little brood. Maybe it's one more thing that i should be looking on with gratitude...
There will be years for napping when i'm old and grey - and i'm sure that when those days come, my dreams will be full of this beautiful season...


Luke said...

[smile] Keep that perspective, and may you get the rest you need.


Anonymous said...

... And you didn't get to sleep in either.... as this post says it was entered at 6 a.m.!

By the way, how is your knee coming along... hope it is improving!

Saskatchewan Cousin

Vanessa said...

Oooh-I love the way you look at things!! Gonna keep that in mind the next time I attempt a nap (is it bad that I'm secretly happy that I'm not the only one who can't seem to sneak a nap in?) LOL!

Lisa said...

Oh man, i could have written this myself. Hope you find some rest soon!


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