Friday, July 3, 2009

running on holidays

i wondered if my weak self would just quit after i got bragging rights by running a 10k.
So, imagine how pleased i was when after i ran it... i felt like running... more.
But -
(Isn't there always some big fat lame but?)
Here's the story. At the very end of my race... i mean, i could see the finish line... suddenly, i noticed an ache start in my knee. i didn't think much of it & finished the race & on home & felt pretty normal that day (Sunday). The next day, i took off 'cause i wasn't feeling great - we had company & stayed up too late eating... & i thought i had earned a rest day, but by Tuesday i was ready to roll again. i put on my runners & hit the road. About a half mile into my run, my knee started to ache again. i shortened my run, & walked some & got home not even winded. Next day the same thing happened, so i took Thursday off. Friday i thought, 'Surely by now my knee is fine... '
So, all my runs have been pretty short (2-3.5 miles) ever since my 'big run' - which really wasn't that big of a run at all & was something i had worked my way up to & had already done a couple of times before...
While here on our vacation, i've just done a couple of really short (but nice hilly) runs.
i'm hoping to get back a little more distance in the next couple of weeks before i lose everything that i worked up to.
Am i too old to learn a new trick?
Am i too much of a wimp to keep going despite a bit of an obstacle?
What will our hero do in the face of adversity?
i'm likely more curious than you are...


Jen said...

Oh Paige! I used to LOOOOOVE to run. Then my knee started to hurt....
Now I can't run anymore.
Sometimes I just ache to run. I used to give into the ache and just go for a run, but now I know that I WILL PAY FOR IT later.
Even if I go for a quick 2 mile run, my knee will hurthurthurt for 3-4 days afterwards.
I think it was because in highschool I used to run on gravel with really bad running shoes and didn't stretch much before or after.
So, my advice: get GOOD shoes (like the ones where they match your step with insoles), STRETCH, and don't push yourself when it hurts!
You are awesome!

Melissa said...

I feel your pain. :( You might want to have it checked into to see whether it's a permanent injury or something that's just temporary and will heal on its own. That would give you peace of mind with a decision to keep running or not. Tough, I know, and I know you're likely not a fan of doctors, but... yeah. I have a torn meniscus in my left knee requiring surgery if I ever want to be serious about many things again... some days even going up the stairs is excruciating. It was nice when I went to see a doctor and they *eventually* discovered this - it goes back to an old camp injury - and then I knew that the pain wasn't all in my head! :)

I'm sorry you're in pain... not fun at all... hopefully it heals on its own!! After a run, make sure you rest it and ice it! :)

deborah said...

My knees are one excuse why I don't run (besides the fact that I hate it!). With a family suffering with knee problems, mine mean too much to me. :)

Minerva said...

I'm sorry your knees are starting to bother you. I suggest seeing a sports medicine doctor, 'cause regular doctors tend to be biased against running in general, I'm told. There are many things they could suggest to you to help with knee issues, I know lots of people who have braces or other gadgets that help a lot. Or maybe they can show you stretches, etc. to do before or after the run. Unfortunately that's the extent of my knowledge, but I think you should try that since you like it so much! Good luck!!

Lisa said...

Paige,you amaze me anyway, short run, long run. Its way more than I can do! My body feels like its falling apart after 2 min. hehe

jessica jespersen said...

I got the eliptical because of the horrible "falling to pieces" feeling i get from running.... i guess really that feeling is from having 6 babies, but i'd rather blame it on the running. I just need the determination to be consistant. Maybe lower impact will help build strength for higher impact activity later on... like running. I say try swimming for awhile... you could get good at that and then eventually do biking and THEN... our hero could enter a triathalon! ;) I have high hopes for you Paige. ;)-j

Andrea said...

You are getting endless comments on this one so I thought I'd add in my .02 My knees were horrible in high school after years of indoor soccer. I even had exploratory surgery! The solution and the reason why I am able to run now has been squats and lunges. Building up the muscles that surround the fragile joint has made all the difference. Good luck!

mamazee said...

paige, T says ibuprofen and ice baths - he also says to call and tell him where exactly it's hurting (behind the patella? the sides?) - he's had everything bad happen to him... :)
He had a bad calf thing - but tonight had a great run (without me...)
He also says if you are missing your run, you can still do crossfit and keep your *fitness* level up...

love you!



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